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Our Bengal Kittens

Our Bengal kittens are socialized and handled with love and care from the very first day they are born. We have two children, a dog, and neighbors that regularly drop by to visit.  Charleston Bengals is Registered with TICA (The International Cat Association), TICA #: SBT 081116 050. So you want to buy a Bengal kitten?

Bengal Cat Temperament

Bengal cats are full of energy, curiosity, play and intelligence. They love climbing high, playing in water and some will even fetch balls. They are pretty good at making their needs known. Cameo will go to my favorite chair and look at me and start to scratch if her water or food dish is empty. She doesn’t even really claw it she just makes me think she is about to. She also enjoys stalking and jumping to catch flies that get inside during the summertime. We have a small outdoor rock waterfall that she enjoys playing in. Bengal cats are a lot of fun to just hang out with, but will get bored if you are never home. 

Bengal Kittens for Sale

Do you know what markings to expect when viewing Bengal kittens for sale? Here is a list of the markings to look for:

Cat Coats and Coat Pattens

When looking to buy a Bengal kitten or cat you may find there are a variety of color coats to pick from. In general, the Snow Bengal (aka Seal Lynx Point) will be the rarest and therefor it will be most expensive. The Brown Rosette is often sought after due to its resemblance to the Wild Asia Leopard cats. There are also Charcoal, Blue, and Silver Bengals. 

Silver Bengal Cat

Silver Bengals are the latest to be added to the Bengal breed. They have black or dark gray markings on a silver pelt and can be spotted, marbled or rosetted. Breeders prefer markings that stand out and provide lots of contrast.

Snow Bengal Kittens / Cat

Snow Bengal kittens can be Seal Lynx Points, Seal Minks and Seal Sepias and are not just pure white but have cinnamon or pewter colored spots. Bengal Snow Kittens with the Seal Lynx Point have genetics that show they were bred with Siamese cats, thus the Blue eyes. Bengal Kittens with Seal Sepia genetics show breeding with the Burmese cats and therefore they will never have blue eyes. Lastly, Bengal Kittens with the Seal Mink genetics show breeding’s with both Siamese and Burmese cats and therefor they can have any eye color. Both Seal Minks and Seal Sepia’s can have eyes that are gold, cooper or even green.

Don’t forget Charleston Bengals is located on a barrier island so there are plenty of beaches and tourist activities for you and your family. You could even make this a vacation and leave with the best souvenir of all, a beautiful Bengal kitten.

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Kitten Pictures

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