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Our Bengal Cat

Queen Cameo is our cattery’s pride and joy. We chose her because she has the Classic Brown / Black Spotted Rosette Bengal pelt. Her pelt is short, sleek and splashed with glitter. The Brown Rosette pelt is synonymous with the look of the Wild Asian Leopards. Everyone that sees her out walking on her leash is awed by her Exotic Wild Leopard look.

Cultivating the Bengal Cat Personality

Cameo comes from a pedigree blood line with beautiful markings and a loving, gentle temperament. Enough cannot be said about purchasing a Bengal kitten from a reputable breeder. Bengals are notoriously active and while they may sit in your lap for a few minutes, they will need to be the one to initiate it. They much prefer to be active and independent. It’s important that Bengal Queens and Kings are selected with good temperaments prior to breeding and once they produce a litter it is important that the kittens be held frequently and attach to their human care givers. A good Bengal cattery takes its time to ensure the most beautiful well-tempered Kings and Queens are selected for breeding and because they love their cats they only allow the Queen one or two litters a year.

Our Bengal Cattery

As a small family Cattery, we enjoy having quality time to spend with our cats. All our cats receive lots of love, attention and freedom to move inside our home or enjoy the backyard enclosure via their cat door.

Bengal Kittens for Sale

When researching Bengal kittens for sale or searching for the purr-fect exotic Bengal we recommend using a Breeder that is registered with TICA (The International Cat Association) and follows TICA guidelines. It’s important that the breeder test for PK Def and PRA as well as doing the standard recommended vaccinations. A reputable Bengal cat breeder will have their Bengal kittens vaccinated, checked for parasites and dewormed with a clean bill of health from their vet. You wouldn’t want to buy a Bengal kitten that has been spayed or neutered before six months of age. While it is done, new research shows that it is best to wait until kittens are at least six months old. Our vet refuses to neuter or spay any kittens under six months of age.

Unless you purchase breeder rights, you will want to have your kitten spayed or neutered at six months to avoid the awful spraying that is done during mating, and yes, female cats will spray, not just male cats. If the bad smell isn’t enough to bother you then the scratching, yowling, screaming and trying to escape that they do while calling for a mate will do you in. Unlike, dogs, a female cat will often stay in heat and only cycle out for a few days before going back into heat only stopping once they are bred and pregnant. No rest for the weary as they say.

Bengal Cat Breeders—the Costs of Doing it Right

When researching Bengal cat prices, you want to keep in mind that a reputable breeder has a lot of time and money invested in their cattery. How much can a cattery cost, you might ask. For starters a Bengal Cattery will need to purchase a Registered Bengal as well as Breeder Rights and this expense is just the beginning. They will also need to apply for membership with TICA and follow TICA guidelines. Once accepted into TICA they must pay yearly associated fees. There are costs in making the cattery enclosure safe from predators and enjoyable for the wild Bengal kittens. There are the regular vet bills as well as DNA and specialty tests to ensure cats do not have a hereditary disorder. Then there are the cost of high quality food and treats that keep their coats shiny and bellies full. The cost doesn’t stop there- as money will be spent on litter, flea/tic prevention, toys, website development, web hosting and google pay per clicks for advertising the site.

Finally, there is the time spent when you must sit up all night long to help oversee the birthing process. You will need to have enough knowledge to assist the mother as needed or know when an emergency c-section is required or when a placenta has been left inside the uterus. Sometimes the mother’s milk will not come in enough to support the kittens. Breeders must purchase scales, specialty kitten milk, kitten bottles and nipples to feed them every three hours for the first few weeks. This may sound easy, but it’s important to give them enough milk to thrive, but not too much to distend their tiny stomach. Air bubbles can be a problem, so burping is also required.

These are not all the associated costs, but hopefully you have a better understanding of the time and cost involved in a legitimate Bengal Cattery and if you are in our area we hope you will consider buying your special Bengal kitten from Charleston Bengals.

Don’t forget Charleston Bengals is located on a barrier island so there are plenty of beaches and tourist activities for you and your family. You could even make this a vacation and leave with the best souvenir of all, a beautiful Bengal kitten.

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