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Bengals are Playful, curious, athletic and exotic creatures. When Playing with these kittens with our feather toys, we have several that are doing back flips and leaping far distances. We have introduced the CitiKitty toilet training kit to them, but this is still in the works. However, all are litter box trained.

Bengal Kittens for Sale - Ready for their Forever Home!

Our timid and spunky Queen- Snowgirl had three baby Bengals. The father, King Ezekiel has a sweet personality and he is “Show Quality” for Bengals. They had two Snow Bengals and One Brown Rosette. That was her first litter and she quickly became a great mama. Sometimes a Queen will have a little trouble delivering her first kittens and may need a little assistance with cutting the umbilical cords, but not Snowgirl! She did a great job! We are very excited to see how their coats will look as they get older as both Queen and King have beautiful coats. They are named after the movie cast in Futurama.

Our kittens are trained to use the Self Flushing Self Washing Cat toilet. While they can still use a regular litterbox the Cat Genie flushes and rinses so there's no need to clean a litterbox. You will want to replace crystals occasionally, but great for those who are bothered by clay litter dust or by foul smelling clay litter boxes. Veterinarian Approved!

Bengal Cat
Bengal Cat
Bengal Cat


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Located on the quaint Isle of Palms near Charleston, South Carolina.
"Come for a vacation...
Leave with an exotic bengal kitten!"

If you would like to see our kittens in real time click on the Contact Us and we will set up a live Video Chat and you can see them from the comfort of your home. Our daughters’ play with the kittens on a daily basis and know their personalities and idiosyncrasies. They are happy to share their opinions with you during the video chat session.

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3 adorable Bengal Kittens

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Charleston Bengals - Phone: 843-901-9765
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